A few years back I preached the sermon, Love is a “P” Word.  In my opening remarks of that sermon I said, “You don’t know what love is”.  Well, the wife of our local dentist was incensed.  “I do too know what love is,” she groused, “I know what it is because I’ve seen love in my husband.”  Now, there is no question in my mind that everyone on the planet, at one time or other, has experienced real love.  But that doesn’t mean we know what it is!

If we took all the love of every parent that has ever lived and put it in one place, then added to it all the love of every child for their parents and then piled on every love of a husband and wife for each other and then stirred in all the love of each soldier for his country and comrades in service, we would have a lot of love.  All that love, however, would be but a tiny stream when compared to the ocean of God’s love.  By the way, how much do you KNOW about the ocean?  Not much!

Which brings us to the lesson of my sermon, Love is a “P” Word.  It is vital that we each learn the lesson of what true love, God’s love, really is.  Then when we see it, or experience it, we will absolutely KNOW what love is and we’ll also quickly discern the counterfeit.

You can watch the sermon at the Grants Pass SDA Church Youtube channel by clicking this Link.  And here is the link for the sermon outline the goes with the sermon.

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