Masks/face coverings are required at all Grants Pass Church functions that are held indoors. This includes Sabbath School, Church, Dorcas, Better Living Center, Group Studies, etc.  

As we see more people in our own congregations getting sick, it is a reminder that there are some small things we can do help keep us and others from getting sick.  Please continue to pray for everyone, as we all move forward in the unity of a shared love and respect of the highest value of mutual care and safety, irrespective of personal perspectives.

Remember that the mark of great leadership is resilience in the face of challenges. The Bible also reminds us that the olive, when pressed, brings forth oil that is able to produce light that overcomes darkness. So, thank you for once again being the light in your communities and upholding Romans 13:1-7 as we work with the state to help stop the rising COVID numbers. 


 The Grants Pass Church’s Sabbath Schedule:

9:30 AM – 10:40 AM Sabbath School classes (lower level)
10:50 AM – 12:30 PM Worship service (upper level)

The worship service will continue to be live-streamed here 

Online adult Sabbath School class is available via Zoom. Please check the website calendar for events and links. 


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