“Christ does not use force or compulsion in drawing people to Him.” we’re told in Christ Triumphant 245.4. That certainly makes sense. After all, it was Jesus who said, “love your enemies ….” This sentiment is important at every level of our lives, even child rearing. “Children cannot be brought to the Lord by force. They can be led, but not driven.” The Adventist Home 307.3

Does this mean God never uses force with His earthly children? If He doesn’t how do we explain the story of Uzzah in II Samuel 6:7.  How do we interpret the words spoken to Balaam in Numbers 22:31-33? How do we process the use of a curse spoken by God’s own children that comes to pass (see II Kings 1:10; 2:24; Acts 13:10, 11). When we say, “God does not use force,” what exactly do we mean, or should we mean?

That will be the topic we will consider in my sermon for Sabbath March 20.  Hope you will be able to join us for “When God Uses Force” at 11:30 Pacific Time.