IMAGINE – You are in the army.  Out on patrol you see movement. “Friend or foe?” is the question you want answered. You call out and a voice answers in perfect English. Then he steps out of the shadow with a “perfect” uniform. Does speaking good English make him your friend? Does the right uniform make him your friend? Dog tags? US drivers license?  

The enemy can have all of these things. Friend or foe is best known by what? In the battle for our soul who is our friend, our foe? This battle is a real battle but due to the present lack of bombs, blood and carnage we are lulled into a complacent feeling. We are tempted to think that our spiritual welfare and that of our families and friends is not really in any present danger.

“Friend or foe?” is a question important in all areas of life. If I’m courting I need to know if this woman will be a faithful wife. If I’m hiring an employee its important to know if I can trust this person with my business. If I’m joining a church I want to know if this congregation is really the body of Christ or just an impostor.

And Jesus is asking the same question. “Who are my disciples? Who are my true followers? Who can I trust to be my adopted children?” In this lesson we will learn what the true test and identifying marks of a disciple of Christ really are. We’ll learn how we can tell a true Christian, a disciple, and friend, from an impostor.

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