Last Sabbath we learned that Love is a “P” Word.  We learned that love is not a feeling, but a principle of action.  We learned that love is the Principle of giving what is needed most.  That’s what God and Jesus did for us (John 3:16).  Not doing what feelings may dictate or clamor for, but doing the right thing just because that’s what’s best for ourselves and others (Mat 19:19).

What would happen if that love came to Sabbath School?  How would things be different, If instead of coming to get what we want out of the experience, we came to fulfill the objectives of this sacred and inspired service?  Are there ordained objectives for Sabbath School?  Indeed there are!

The first and obvious one is to Study the Word of God (Joh 5:39; 2 Tim 2:15).  Through this study we learn the gospel, we learn how to grow spiritually as we dig into the prophecies and stories that make us wise unto salvation.  This sacred time helps us to learn how to interpret the Scriptures and apply them to our lives, and it helps us develop a prayer program just like the great men and woman of faith recorded for our benefit.

The second objective is Fellowship (Act 2:42).  This time of study and deep conversation about the things of God fosters a sweet and intimate fellowship among the Sabbath School members.  As we then work together, developing projects to attract new members as well as restoring inactive members, a still deeper bond is made in the life of the church.

The third objective is Community Outreach (Act 13:47; Isa 42:6).  Members of the Sabbath School will, through study, prayer and service to others, catch a vision of the church’s mission.  This intentional service will train each member to watch for and participate in regular soul-winning activities.

And finally, the fourth objective is to develop in all the Sabbath School members a World Mission Emphasis (Mar 16:15; Isa 43:10, 12).  We should often present a clear vision of the global mission of the church.  As the Sabbath School promotes personal, systematic, and self-denying activities for the members, support and commitment to Christ’s great gospel commission will grow and flourish.  Then Sabbath School will become the living backbone of the church’s mission and existence.

I’m challenging each Sabbath School class, Adult through Youth, to fulfill Christ’s objectives of mission, outreach, fellowship, and intimate communion.  As we deliberately spend time each week (not just on Sabbath) seeking the Holy Spirit and incorporating all four of these objectives into our experience, we will once again experience Pentecost.

Here’s the link to the sermon outline for August 28, 2018.