Everyone of us is looking for something. We know something is missing, but can’t quite put our finger on it. This reminds me of the lady who was in a parking lot on a dark night looking for her keys. A man saw the damsel in distress and asked what the problem was.  “I lost my keys and can’t find them” she said.  Soon another good samaritan joined the search, then another until a whole posse was on the hunt. Finally someone asked, “Where did you lose them?” “Over there,” the woman said pointing toward her car. “Then why are you looking over here?” they asked with incredulity. “Because the light is better over here!”

Most of us are willing to settle for K-mart blue light special happiness when God wants to gift us with Joy!  But do we even know what Joy is? Do we know where to find it?

In our sermon, Surprised by Joy, we go to the Light of God’s word to find the source of God’s amazing gift of joy.  Download the sermon outline and follow along.

The entire NEXT STEP series is also available on our Grants Pass Church Youtube channel.