If you are watching you can see it!  It is happing all around us.  The triggers are being pulled everywhere!  Oh, we may not have known all the little details, but we’ve been given the big prophetic picture, and we can see it coming to pass before our eyes.  What am I talking about?  You should already know if you are reading The Great Controversy.  The last act in the great drama is fast becoming a reality (check it out The Last Act in the Drama).  There you will read some amazing revelations of what is about to befall us including this, “Our country shall repudiate every principle of its Constitution as a Protestant and Republican government…” ChS 164.

If we listen, we can hear the sound of political tectonic plates grinding, building up the pressure that is going to shift us right into the fulfillment of this prophecy!  Check it out in this PoliticoMagazine article entitled The Constitution Needs a Reboot. They are setting the stage for the repudiation that has been prophesied.  They want to get rid of the Electoral Collage.  But our founding fathers set up government so as to avoid tyranny.  They didn’t want our Nation to become a landscape of culturally moving norms where a few large cities decided what was best for every state, for every county, for every person.  That would not create a truly free society.  If you haven’t thought through the value of why we need the Electoral College to vote in our presidents vs a simple popular vote than you’ll want to check out this video, The Popular Vote vs. the Electoral College.

After reading the article and watching the video, open again God’s prophetic word to His remnant people The Last Act in the Drama, & The Coming Crisis.  70 years ago we may not have been able to see what was coming except through the prophetic eye of faith.  We are now living it.

I hope you’ll join me for THE BEAST – Lamb or Dragon? and consider if we aren’t seeing a living fulfillment of prophecy.