We had been invited to serve as missionaries on the Island of Saipan. According to the policies, our family of 5 was only allowed to take 4,000 pounds of personal effects. We’d been at it for several weeks sorting, selling, giving away, and setting aside for storage. This move was further complicated by the fact that every item we packed had to be weighed and listed on a manifest. The sprint to the finish line was a two day – one night marathon but we were finally finished. As the sun set we packed our entire family into our Ford Aerostar van, bedded the boys down and drove off into the night. Does anyone see some potentialities for fear in this scenario?

Our story and the story of Jesus and His disciples in Mark 4:35-41 has a deep and shared significance. They too had set out on an evening trip after many hours of intense labor. They too were tired. And they too experienced … well, you just need to hear the sermon on this.  You can by clicking this link. You can also download the sermon outline by clicking here.

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