I’ve been asked by the Nominating Sub Committee to be the leader for prayer meeting and have acquiesced to their request.  I want to publicly thank Sean for leading out for the past few years and wish him and his dear wife God’s richest blessings as they move over to Gateway.  I’m sure they’ll be a real blessing there for pastor Kip and their congregation just as they have been for the Grants Pass church family.

This evening we continued reading in End Time Events.  If you’d like to follow along with our reading here is a link to chapter 10, The Little Time of Trouble.  We’ll be picking up next week at the sub heading, Before the Courts.  You can join us each Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time.  Simply go to the GrantsPassChurch.com web page, click on the CALENDAR menu and then to the Wednesday date, click on the Prayer Meeting link and all the information for connecting is right there.  Even if you don’t Zoom you can still join by simply making a phone call.

POWERFUL INSIGHT:  Part of our eschatological understanding of end time events is the prominent role the seventh-day Sabbath will play in earth’s closing history.  But, did you know that this very unique view is not something new to Adventism or even Ellen White’s prophetic interpretations?  Nearly 200 years before there even was an Adventist, Thomas Tillam (1675) wrote that the Seventh-day Sabbath would be a test at the end of time and would stand in distinct contrast to the mark of the beast, or the attempted change in “times and laws” by men.  If you’d like to learn more check out the following links.  The Seventh Day Sabbath Sought Out.   Early English Books.

I hope many of you will take full advantage of our Zoom fellowship each Wednesday for Prayer Meeting.