Most people know what NASA stands for. It’s an acronym for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. In recent years I’ve come to learn that there are people who are completely convinced that the NASA along with the US faked the moon landings. “We never went there” they say.  “It was all staged with a group of actors. Never happened!”

As a Christian and a Pastor I hear the same things about the stories in the Bible. “The Red Sea crossing, right, never happened. The feeding of 5,000 men, woman, and children from one little boys lunch, fiction. Never happened folks. It’s all just pretend.”

If we’re going to make rational decisions about history, it would probably wise for us to consider the source, and do our best to do due diligence on confirming the story as best we can. And to really come as close to getting it right it would also be best to hear more than one side of the story. For how we view history is certainly going to impact how we read prophecy.

Perhaps the biggest reason we disregard the facts of history (especially those in the Bible) is because we will then become accountable to a higher power, a God who has expectations.

Well, I believe in the Bible. I believe the redeemed of the Lord will be caught up to meet the Lord in air (1 Thes 4:17). I also believe God is calling the church to be a NASA. To work hard as a team in preparing folks for the ultimate journey through the stars. Only we’d have to change what NASA stands for. I’m going to do just that in my sermon which aired Sabbath, Jan 2, entitled, NASA. Hope you’ll join us.