The Bible is full of stories of people who met God, who had a personal encounter with Divinity.  When God does show up He more often than not asks those He’s talking with to do something beyond themselves.

Take Noah for example.  Noah met God and He told Noah to take the next 120 years to build a boat, to preach an evangelistic series of sermons filled with love and judgment.  Moses met God and He told Moses to make a tabernacle so He could dwell with the Children of Israel, camping right with them in the desert.  Daniel met God, receiving visions that he didn’t understand.  God told Daniel to write down the vision for future generations who would then understand it.  Mary met God, and God told her she was called to raise His Son.

God is actually wanting everyone to meet Him, to experience Him.  While He sometimes takes it in hand to make that personal encounter a reality He more often than not uses human channels to make that introduction.  Why?  Because that is the method He set forth so we could meet God and KNOW that He is there.  It’s true!  Read it for yourself in Isaiah 43:10.  “Ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am he: …”

God has now called our church, along with the world church to create a video Bible study for the world so that people of all languages can meet God for themselves.  Learn more about the amazingly simple, yet far-reaching project in our project launch sermon entitled, I MET GOD – The Journey and the Destination.  In the “Description” section, note the start time link that can take you directly to the related Children’s Story as well as a link to the Sermon.

BIG UPDATE:  This sermon started with a $5,000 matching fund.  It ended with another donor putting up another $3,000 in matching funds bringing our matching funds to $8,000.  It is now Sunday morning and $3,000 has already come in to match those funds.  So we still have $5,000 to match.  If you’d like to learn more about this project and watch the China’s Asking for It video just follow this link to the I MET GOD page on the QuestLine Productions web site.

Let’s help the world meet God on His terms of truth and love.