When we plant a garden we expect a crop. We look forward to the tomatoes, squash, and beans.  Farmers who spend large sums to sew hundreds of acres of wheat fully intend to reap a harvest and a return on their investment. The same is true with God. He has invested much in our ransom. Our salvation is His greatest desire. After investing in us, His life, His love, and His truth He full well expects a return.

This is a universal truth. When we have babies, when we invest in them our love, training, and finances, we also expect them to grow up, to become someone, something that benefits their families, friends, and communities.

Over and over in many different ways it is brought out in scripture that God wants us to grow up, to mature, to arrive (2 Pet 3:18; Luk 13:7; Mat 25:27). But how do we “grow up” in Christ? That is the topic of our Next Step presentation, Growing Up Into Christ.

You can also download and follow along with our sermon outline.