We make Christianity or religion far too complicated. But it doesn’t need to be!

What would cause you to throw away a mechanical pencil?  What would make you junk a car?  What would compel you to fire an employee?  If the pencil doesn’t write, if the car won’t drive, if the employee fails to show up for work they lose the validation of their worth or value. This isn’t complicated folks.

We need to learn once again (perhaps we’ve forgotten) to reason from cause to effect. We need to teach our children this lost art as well.

Today in our Next Step series we’re going to examine the validation for the disciples of Christ. It is important to know this lest we find ourselves, after thinking we’re saved, cast out of God’s kingdom (1 Cor 9:27) .

You can watch Discipleship Validated at our YouTube channel.   You can download and follow along with the sermon outline as well.

The entire Next Step series has been organized into one playlist for quick reference.