REVIEW:  OK, God loves me!  He loved me enough to die for me while I was yet a sinner!  How do I know I’m a sinner?  Because God gave us a law, clear lines that mark between right and wrong, good and bad, life and death.  But I’ve already crossed that line.  But it’s worse than that. In spite of the fact that I know right from wrong, I still choose the wrong, still choose to sin.  And worse, when I choose to NOT to sin, I still turn around and sin!

What is wrong with this picture!  How can I change?  Is it even possible to be different?  Can I ever be more than a lost sinner?

ANSWER – Yes.  How?  Through God’s gift of Repentance.  For this gift is at the core of our escape from the sin dilemma.  Repentance is at the center.  In the next several sermons we’re going to be rediscovering repentance, learning what it actually is, how we get it, what our lives look like once we’ve got it, and taking the opportunity to experience God’s personal presence through this most transformative gift.

Our first sermon in chapter 3 is entitled, Battle for the Heart and we’ll be learning where the true battle ground lies.  The sermon outline can be downloaded by clicking this link.  Get it now and join us for this in depth study.

The entire Next Step series is available for viewing on Youtube by clicking this link.