Oh, the stories of the Bible – the great stories of healing make us hunger for the same divine touch today. Where is Jesus now? Does He care about our sufferings? Here is the answer from the pen of inspiration.

Christ feels the woes of every sufferer. When evil spirits rend a human frame, Christ feels the curse. When fever is burning up the life current, He feels the agony. And He is just as willing to heal the sick now, as when He was personally on earth. Christ’s servants are His representatives, the channels for His working. He desires through them to exercise His healing power.–The Desire of Ages, pp. 823, 824.

Whether your sickness is in body, mind, or spirit, whether you are seeking deliverance from a physical malady or a spiritual oppression, you are invited to join us Sabbath, January 18, at 6:00 p.m. As a conclusion to our 10 days of prayer, we will be holding an anointing service for anyone who feels a need of His special divine touch. To make sure you are ready for this service, read over this inspired document, Prayer for the Sick. 

Prayer for the Sick in Microsoft Word.  Prayer for the Sick in PDF.