Bringing the Best Visual Experience to Your Personal Media

Just because you can’t make it to church doesn’t mean you have to miss out on Grants Pass Church’s worship experience. Join us via Livestream, which wouldn’t be possible without our video production team. 

We want your Christian experience to be enhanced!

Our team looks at the church service the way a visitor would see it. We pay attention to lighting angles, sound quality, and all aspects that make up a beautiful presentation. We love creativity and want our visitors at home to enjoy the best parts of our corporate worship service.

We are a team of six directors, led by Perry Kainer, with 20 camera operators. We film all events, special presentations, memorial services, musicals, special speakers, weddings, and provide DVDs. Our team also provides video content for Better Life Broadcasting Network. 

We also love teaching our craft to our young volunteers, who learn about operating cameras, finding the best angles, and post production editing. We’re always looking for more volunteers who want to gain experience working with video production!

Contact Perry for more information.