After-church Fellowship Meal

Enjoy good food while we connect with one another.

Great! When is it?

Most Saturday, not long after Sabbath service, we host a Sabbath Fellowship Dinner. We consider this one of our best opportunities to fellowship, to commune. The meal provided is an added blessing.  

Fellowship Dinners, often called “potlucks,” come from an old idea where folks would gather food from their gardens each Saturday and cook large batches of food, often in pots. Meals had such variety that you might consider the selection “luck,” hence the term “potlucks.” Now we are blessed weekly as talented cooks from our church community join us to prepare a vegetarian/vegan buffet to share with all who attend.
Fellowship Dinners often have themes for each meal, such as Mexican, Italian, Asian, or even a potato bar. Whatever food is being served, it is always good and good for you. With God’s blessing, there’s always enough to feed all.

Each weekly dinner is sponsored by a team from our church; these good people organize the food and make sure it is served. They even do the dishes following the meal! As filling and as good as each Fellowship Dinner may be, this time is all about fellowship and drawing closer to Jesus.

Your Fellowship Dinner team loves sharing this Sabbath blessing. Our teams try to reflect early Christian gatherings as emphasized in Acts 2:46: “They worshipped together at the temple . . . and shared their meals with great joy and generosity” (NLT). You are warmly invited to share this time with church brothers and sisters and guests.


Want to help?

If you are looking for a place to serve and feel that being part of a Fellowship Dinner team is what God is calling you to do, we invite you to join our ministry. The love of cooking is a plus but not required. The only requirement is a calling from Jesus to serve, who emphasized that  “ . . .even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others  . . .” (Matthew 20:28). Come experience the joy, love and blessings our ministry has to offer!

What can I do?

As you join us for fellowship, please bring a favorite vegetarian or vegan dish (or dessert) that aligns with the theme for the week—or you can just bring your favorite recipe, no matter the theme. Our only specification is that you bring enough to feed your own family size.

Bring your dish to the Better Living Center just before the church service. 

But even if you cannot bring food, please join us! It is our fellowship that we desire.




If you’re interested in providing food for the community at our Soup Kitchen, let us know!