Adventist Community Services

Adventist Community ServicePicture YOURSELF hungry, lonely, out of money, no job, scared and bone tired. It could happen to you, although none of us believe it for a minute.

The Dorcas Community Service gives comfort to people that are hurting. First of all they interview them to see their needs. Then they have a list of foods that they could have and they tell the interviewer what they prefer. If they require clothing a list is shown them and items marked off that they wish to shop for. There’s also miscellaneous items like pots and pans, silverware, dishes, or blankets, back packs or sleeping bags if needed.

All this depends on our Church and the community donating the items that they aren’t using anymore. We have been blessed by an abundance of clothing, dishes and household articles pouring into our box outside or inside on Tuesdays when we are open.

We stress that all of the items of food and clothing are given FREE to the people in need.

At the Budget Shop we do charge a small fee for the articles. That money collected is designated to buy the food for the people. We buy government food that is priced far below what it would retail for. Every Thursday volunteers bring in about a ton of canned goods and veggies or fruits. We have from 70 to 90 boxes of food going to needy persons EACH WEEK.

Back to the clothing. There are different departments and each are manned by volunteers.  Amazingly enough some of the volunteer people have been coming each week for over 30 years. There is a Children’s Department where clean usable clothing is distributed. You should see how it picks up when school starts. Then there’s a Ladies’ Department where everything from socks to dresses and jeans are given out. A Men’s Department is well stocked with all the necessary items men wear, right down to suits. Another department is the Shoes. This place looks like a regular store with hundreds to choose from. Down the line is the Coat Department. One side is for women and the other for men. The styles and types and quality of coats are wonderful.

The Volunteers are a fantastic group. They come in around 8:45 am. on Tuesdays. The first fifteen minutes are given to a short devotional by one of our Pastors…Pastor Charles Byrd, Elder Chuck Austin or a member of the  Better Life Television staff.  We ask volunteers if they have anyone that needs our prayers and then we pray. At 9:00 am. we all disperse for our particular stations and get to work serving the Community the best we know how.  We see close to 250 people per Tuesday by 2:00 pm. and end up tired but happy, knowing we have helped someone have a happier life.