Looking for a great group to exercise with?

Join us for a 3-mile walk every other Sunday at 10:00am at Rinehart Park, near the soccer area. (Check the calendar for the active Sundays). Running and hiking options are also available.

“Fitness for Witness” is our motto, as we love to help one another get more energy and stay healthy as we all get to know each other better. Sometimes the best way to stay in shape is to get a buddy—or several buddies!

This is a great way to get moving, get your blood flowing, and clear your head. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to participate, and we’ve even witnessed diabetics experiencing improvements in their health just by coming out to walk regularly.

Distances and fitness levels will always vary, and that’s okay. There’s something for everyone, and we all have a great time. The more the merrier!

To learn more, contact Dave & Debbie Crick here or at (541) 761-4567. We’re always looking for people to bring extra water or provide new ideas to try out on our walks!