Religious Liberty

Anyone who has religious beliefs should feel free to exercise them and live out their convictions.

This is why Religious Liberty must exist. We support and defend the God-given gift of religious freedom!

That’s why we have a Religious Liberty Ministry team here at Grants Pass Church. We want to be able to help you if you experience conflict that may arise from simply abiding by your religious beliefs.

To make this happen, our team utilizes resources of the Seventh-day Adventist Church Public Affairs and Religious Liberty efforts of the North American Division. We support larger Religious Liberty endeavors and devote one week a year to raising funds for this important resource.

If your are in the Grants Pass community and find yourself being discriminated against because of your religious beliefs, we are here to help! There are so many resources we have access to that we can use to confront these situations peacefully.

Your local Religious Liberty leader, Bob Dale, can connect you with these resources:

  • Liberty Magazine archives, a preeminent resource for matters of religious freedom
  • National litigation fund for major conflicts
  • NARLA (North American Religious Liberty Association)
  • Connection to public officials
  • Weekly TV and audio programs

Religious Liberty is making headlines more and more in our country. Your involvement in this ministry will contribute to making a difference in our community of Grants Pass by raising awareness about this vital issue.