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Our Library Ministry provides our members and friends with literature and media that can be a tremendous blessing! Learn how you can be involved in our very own church library.

Wanted: Christian DVDs, CDs and books. I also need CD cases for an Audio Bible that has been donated.

New Item List:  From Jaime Jorge CDs to topical books, there are always new items that are donated or traded. Just don’t forget to bring them back so others can enjoy! (There is an “overdue list!”)
Online Book Ministry:  Thank you to all who have donated to the library. The extra books we get either go to other local churches or are listed on the internet to sell or to trade with others for materials we need.
Wish List:  Stop by and check out our “Wish List.” Our “Wish List” is composed from flyers such as the Adventist Book Store, or Amazing Facts catalogs. If we don’t have that item, it goes on our “Wish List.” Great way to plan your shopping trip to get books for yourself. Then when you are done, they could be donated to the library. Thank you to all who do this already!
Special thanks to all who volunteers at the library or who donate to our church library. There’s something for everyone!

Your Church Librarian,
Andie Springer

Photo of Andie Springer