Find the perfect learning space for your kids on Sabbath morning.

A quick scroll through will show you each availabe Bible-based Sabbath school class for your children. There's something for all ages!

  • Beginners (0-4 years)
  • Kindergarten (4-7 years)
  • Primary (grades 2-4)
  • Juniors / Earliteen (grades 5-8)

Class: Beginners

Location: East Hall of Foyer
Ages: Birth to 4 years

The Beginner’s Sabbath School class, also known as Cradle Roll, is devoted to our youngest children who are still forming a grasp on the big world around them. Above all, we make this a fun class that kids will enjoy.

You will find the classroom colorful, joyful, bright, and welcoming. Children are curious, creative, and very active at this age. They are also receptive to learning about Jesus and His amazing world.

Our mission is to demonstrate God’s love to children and to show how He cares for each person.

Music is an essential part of the program as children learn about Jesus in exciting, interesting ways. Engaging songs tell the story of our Creator and reinforce a weekly theme.

Children will also listen to an interactive Bible story and learn a new memory verse from the Bible. Repetition is vital during these years, as well as relating to children on their terms.

Lessons typically follow the Gracelink curriculum. These messages relate to one of four dynamics of a growing faith experience:

  1. Grace (God loves me)
  2. Worship (I love God)
  3. Community (we love each other)
  4. Service (God loves you, too)

Parents are strongly encouraged to stay with their children throughout the class time. They can help disciple their children into a strong relationship with God.

Parent assistance and leadership is also welcomed.


Location: West Hall of Foyer
Ages: 4-7 years

The Kindergarten Sabbath School class is designed for boys and girls 4-7 years old (through completion of the first grade). At this age their attention spans allow for full enjoyment of a Sabbath School lesson. They are ready and willing to learn, soaking up knowledge and Christ’s love.

The classroom is designed to be welcoming and warm, complete with beautiful decorations and vibrant colors. Parents are not required to be present and may attend their own Sabbath School class during this time.

As class begins, children are asked each what they did during the week to help others. They are also invited to bring a food item from home to help the hungry people in Grants Pass. With each good deed, children get to put a marble in a decorated jar. At the end of the quarter, if the jar is filled, they earn a surprise gift. It is exciting for children to share what they have done to help others and share Jesus.

Kindergarten Gracelink lessons provide the curriculum, which are firmly grounded in Scripture. These focused lessons follow a quarterly theme, with each weekly lesson containing one major teaching point.

Children enjoy dynamic storytelling with props or felts when sharing the lesson. They also delight in singing a variety of Christ-centered music.

Hands-on activities relate to the lesson to keep children engaged and involved. We find them eager to learn about Jesus and to contribute in their own ways.


Location:East Hall, downstairs
Ages: Grade 2-4

This class is comprised of boys and girls approximately 8 and 9 years of age (2nd through 4th grade students). At this age they can easily memorize Bible texts, but may need assistance finding them in Scripture.

These kids love stories and learn best from hands-on experience. They are concerned about routine, fairness, and new ideas. They are also capable of prolonged interest and concentration.

Class typically begins with singing fun and spiritual music. The Primary Sabbath School class joins the Junior/Earliteen class for music most weeks. When children are back in their regular classroom, the focus is on prayer and reciting the week’s memory verse.

Lessons build on topics children might have studied in the Beginners and Kindergarten Sabbath School classes. Gracelink curriculum has traditionally been used (Primary Treasure). Lessons are Bible-based and Christ-centered at all times, no matter which curriculum is utilized. Lessons cover Old Testament stories and the prophets, as well as Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection.

Activities are age-appropriate, relevant, and show children how Bible stories can be applied to their daily lives. Activities reinforce the central message of the lesson.

Consider the class as part of a spiritual journey. The role of the Primary Sabbath School class is to help students develop and continue a relationship with Christ. They are mature enough to make a decision to follow Christ, and our trained Sabbath School leaders work to foster these relationships with our Creator.


Location: West Hall, downstairs
Ages: Grades 5-8

This class is dedicated to older children ages 10 through 13 (or 5th through 8th grade students). The goal of this class is to actively teach young people to be leaders in various ways. This begins with simple tasks, gradually increasing as they progress in skill and knowledge. We want to prepare an army of youth rightly trained to finish the work of God and prepare us for heaven.

A pre-program activity is available for those who come early (or who want to stay a little late to work on it). The program typically begins with a lively song service, led by a praise group and accompanied by guitar. The Primary Sabbath School class usually joins the juniors for that time.

The program and lesson study follows the Young Disciple format. Reading praises in Psalms is part of the prayer experience, and this is followed by a review of the week’s Sabbath School lesson. A highlight of class is team quiz games at the end, which keeps the children involved and challenged.

The dedicated staff works hard to keep activities interesting and provide variety. There is a nature activity or mission story each week, and the class typically follows quarterly nature themes, such as “shells.” During this time, the children earn “shell honors” by attending class regularly.

Children participate in a ministry activity regularly, such as making greeting cards. These cards will be printed and mailed to those in the church who are sick, injured, or just need encouragement.

Everything done in this class is to glorify and uplift Jesus—all while having fun together.