Children’s Ministry

Where kids get to play, learn and grow spiritually

The major annual event of Grants Pass Church’s Children’s Ministries has been its Vacation Bible School program, which has been quite popular with the community. Through VBS and our other children’s activities, we are happy to share Jesus in an environment of constructive social activities. 

We are passionate about bringing children to know Jesus’ love. Jesus used the example of a child’s faith to teach all generations about His love, and want to help that faith grow. We strive to help children develop a friendship with Jesus, with the Bible, and with each other through VBS, neighborhood outreach activities, and other child-focused programming. 

Jesus recognized the special faith of children and if not given the opportunity to bloom, it will fade. We are giving children the chance to have what so many children long for—a safe environment, exciting biblical truth, and to witness God’s love in action.  

Photo of Donna Clifford, Leader of the childrens' ministry team at Grants Pass Seventh-Day Adventist Church.Donna Clifford leads the Children’s Ministry team and is passionate about leading children to Christ. Donna understands the unique struggles children face today. She sees the value in every child and hopes to see each one in Heaven.

If you have questions about Grants Pass Church’s children’s programs, or about leading children to Christ, Donna would be happy to connect with you. She can be reached at 541.784.5654 or

If you are looking for safe place where your child can experience Jesus’ bright light in this dark world, we invite you to check out our calendar and plan for our VBS and other children’s programs.
All of our volunteers at every children’s program are required to complete background checks, as your child’s safety is always our priority. We invite you to also come along with your child and experience for yourself the life-changing love of Jesus Christ.

If you are longing to be a part of a ministry that reaches out to the community and to the next generation of our church, we invite you to contact Donna to discuss your future in Children’s Ministry. Imagine meeting a child who has never heard of Jesus—to have that first conversation with them about that old rugged cross—to share with them what God has done in your life—to imagine the child that lives forever in heaven because you answered your call to ministry.