Positive Suggestions to Encourage Each Other

There are lots of constructive ways to fill our time and bless our church family. The list is endless!  Send your ideas in so that we can add them to this list! 

Draw Pictures 
We are asked to have children draw pictures for Royale Gardens so that they can be posted on the outside of resident windows since the residents are not allowed to have guests. You can deliver them to the Royale Gardens. Thank you for brightening someone’s day!

Buddy Partners
Do you have a Buddy Partner?  Over the last few months, Sandy Page has been working hard to connect church members with other members, to create Buddy Partners. The object of this program is to check on each other, talk to each other, encourage and pray for each other, and just to remind anyone that they are not alone. Right now it is especially important to check up on each other!  If you don’t have a buddy partner yet, please contact Sandy at 541-218-8740 to get one!  We would love to see every single person has a buddy they can rely on.

Other Ideas of Things to Do
Pray! For specific requests and praises, please see our Prayer Requests page.
Do crossword puzzles.
Have fun in the kitchen. Try some new recipes.
Write letters.
Call shut-ins.
Read the Bible and other good books.
Put a puzzle together.
Do some sewing or mending. Make something new.
Write a poem, story, or even a book!
Hike a trail.
Put together a scrapbook or photo album.
Put together a family tree or genealogy project.
Choose a topic to research in-depth.
Pick up a new hobby, such as needlework, amateur radio, art, or a musical instrument.
Learn a new language.